Mushy moshy

Hehehe saw from @msbulat dayre and I made myself a ….. what is this call??? Gave myself sleepy eyes cuz I haz sleepy eyes and lotsa hello kiki! gogo.

Then I made one for my bf (edit: the monster)

I showed @calistallicious and she said I'm a disgrace hahahahaha

Cuz she asked why my bf haz Lee Min Ho's eyes. I said cuz my bf is the most handsome guy to me. So I gave him sparkling eyes lor. Then she asked me 'so sweet zuo mo' and I said,


Lololol hence I'm a disgrace ok gaizzz. 😂😂😂

Then hor I told her my bf thought I drew them. And she eyeer me. 😂

@insanitymuse12 check out this website:

Everyone can use Taobao now!

Wahhhh laoooo. So @xsnow did this and she said that she uploaded her photo and chanrio did it for her.

Hokay. So I tried….

This is how I look like to u, chanrio?? Seriously???

Really?? Gaizzz? Really??

Yay another book is here!! $8.64 only leh OMG. I love book depository! But now idk I go sign $30 popular membership for what. Damn. Lol Dear Friends, if wanna use Popular Card lemme know ok! Don't let Popular earn my moneh! 😂😂😂

Book recommended by @justineong? Right anot huh? Got abit long liao lol.

LIKE THIS! @kekechannn @calistallicious @xiive

Peerless is a scary thing.

Anyhow abuse the meaning of peerless lololol.

Going to exercise class without friends. I iz sked

Weird dinner party for one lol.

Just back from cardiomix and I thought I died leh.

Er… no hotcakes to eat so I made banana egg pancake lor. Then throw random stuff together on my childhood plate lol. Many years liao. Iz antique liao.

Then milk on the rock!

My weird dinner not only looks weird but it also taste weird and I'm still not done yet lol


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